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Lighting sets the perfect scene
and creates the desired
ambience for any occasion.
Whether it's movie night, an
intimate dinner for two, a
business party or a quiet
Sunday brunch reading the
newspaper, lighting establishes
the right mood. Traveling out of
town or working late? The lights
can execute pre-programmed
scenes to simulate established
lifestyle patterns. Dimmers can
adjust internal lighting according
to natural light levels in the home
or incrementally over a
pre-determined time period.
No need to get up or even be
home to adjust climate controls,
with Crestron, you can control
multiple zones from one location
and easily pre-set temperature
set points. Keep your home at a
more energy efficient
temperature while you're out,
and programmed to automatically
adjust to more comfortable levels
by the time you get home. Getting
home early? Use your PDA or PC
to control the HVAC remotely,
even monitor the wine cellar or
greenhouse atrium temperatures.

Enjoy music throughout the
entire home or in just the room
you choose with Total Home
Technology distributed audio.
Listen to your jazz CDs while
you read in the den while the
kids play video games in the
media room and your spouse
listens to the radio on the
terrace. Control the music of
your life from any room in the
house no need to walk to the
stereo to choose a component,
select a CD, change tracks or
adjust volume. Relax. You
deserve it.

With a single touch of the
controller the lights dim, the
shades close, the screen opens,
the temperature adjusts, the AV
components turn on, the inputs
are selected, the volume is set
and the DVD server begins to
play your movie. We put you in
complete control right from your
comfortable seat. For modern
movie lovers, nothing stirs the
soul like the impact of an earth
shaking sound effect or the
enveloping warmth of a lushly
orchestrated soundtrack, we
offer unlimited possibilities for
adding an optional dynamic
surround sound experience.
Monitor the front door or gate;
watch the kids by the swimming
pool; or check on the baby
napping in the nursery. You can
control security cameras and
watch what's going on around
the house right from your
Crestron touchpanel. Crestron
audio and video intercom
solutions provide for the ultimate
integration of whole-house AV,
video security and voice
communications. While listening
to your favorite music or
watching a DVD in the home
theater, you'll know the instant
someone rings the doorbell or
enters the driveway as the audio
is gently muted, the camera
picture appears on the
touchpanel or television, and
you're able to speak with the
visitor and grant access to your
home at the simplest press of a